Back in May last year, OVUNQVE took flight with the first installment to the catalogue vault “The Forsaken City”, an eight track LP curated by north Italy’s Redundænt. Succeeding in the label’s blue blood footsteps, the imprint celebrates one year in consistent rotation with a full length album by Andaman, new solo project of Italy born producer Synthek.

“Parallel Vision” is a ten track pillar in support of the 365 day celebration marking OVQ004, quad bang into world of the sonic traveller. Circulating around the heightened experience into discovery the album transpires as a mirror expression of an experience shared along the Catalans from Parallel Festival Pre-Pyrenees, Barcelona. Binding Andaman’s motion in full swing, remix offerings from Astronomy Domine, BLNDR, and Refracted.

Over the course of last year the OVUNQVE elite have built an altar that would be uncompromised. Label supporters have been graced by some of Europe’s prominent subculturalists including productions from Pacou, Electric Indigo, Laertes, Synthek, Korridor, Fjader,, Astronomy Domine, Roberto Clementi, Shaded Explorer/ Redundaent, Ruhig, Hydrangea, Svart1, Dorian Gray, Massimo Amato, Exilles, Ondarituale, Marco Cassanelli, and Francesco Belfiore.

In an interview with OVUNQVE label boss Andrea Atzeni, topic of his direction was put as such: “To create culture and keep people together through purist movement, digital art and electronic music. We aim to go higher in sequential experience, difficulty and sacrifice do not scare me. I believe that with passion tenacity and commitment we attain results. Currently we are working towards OVUNQVE vinyl releases that should be coming up this fall season. My partner Fabrizio and I aim to promote quality music in support of magic vibes through the universe harmony.”

Andaman’s Parallel Vision [OVQ004] is aligned for release in June. Stay in the circle for further detail.

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