Concrete authenticity, within the foundations of the cornerstone key to our culture, is the imprint Ostgut Ton. Drafted into the architecture of the Berghain structure, its lineage has bred some of techno’s monarch. Joining the circle of sound design elite is Max Kobosil carving his role in Ostgut Ton’s more recent days. Raw and well composed, this sound native to Berlin touches down on Toronto’s sub-culture this Friday, 09/09.


Kobosil’s latest 12” RK2 (available for purchase through Hardwax) features four tracks of irresistible driving percussions and sub-heavy drones. Hard to believe that it was just three years ago that the artist had his first ever remix release on Ostgut Ton, where opportunity arose after four of the original planned remixers failed to deliver on time. Good fortune for Max Kobosil, and an “early bird gets the worm” lesson to aspiring producers.

A self-proclaimed Techno Viking I could not be more pleased than to have legit shows of the sort arouse my musical love buttons. It seems more so over the past year Toronto has shared its decks along the likings of the world’s greatest- not in numbers, but true quality.

So the question remains, can we look onwards into the future and count on purist movement to continue gracing our city with raw talent? I had this very question in mind in my brief discussion with Fahad.

 “Although, I’ve been active in the music circuit for several years, the premise of launching an own events brand in 2013 was to have more influx of artists that do not get a chance to showcase their sounds in Toronto.

As a happy coincidence, the majority of our bookings end up being first time debuts for these artists (Shifted, Rrose, Regis, Function, Truncate, Drumcell and so on..) which is a great thing as it breaks the norm of having recycled bookings day in and day out. I feel if you want to create and sustain a niche movement, it has to keep evolving in ways that keeps it interesting for the party goer as well as the hosts and playing it safe is not an option.

The music culture in the city is good balance right now. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside some great promoters and friends over the years and it is all taking shape nicely which allows us to collectively curate some wicked experiences.”

 Leading into the heavy hitting intensity that we can expect from Kobosil, will be an opening set by our city’s homegrown techno favorite, Measure Divide.

 I’ve spent the better half of the year working alongside a good friend of mine, Martin Dolgener. The result has been some industrial and gritty EBM-esque tracks, which we will all see the light of day in 2017 on wax and digital. I can’t say much about these at the moment, but it’s all very exciting. Next round of gigs is an event in a Brooklyn under my Subfractal moniker, followed by Kobosil’s debut here in Toronto after which we have our own three year birthday bash for Format with a live performance by Rrose, who is easily one of my favourites in the game. We also have a large scaled rave planned out for October 1st with a Detroit headliner. After which I’ll be off to Europe again for a weekender of gigs.”

Techno enthusiasts come together Friday September 9, 2016 as we welcome Kobosil for his Toronto debut.