“Integrity for me is essential, and is the fundamental virtue of an artist. If you don’t have it you are not a real artist. It’s not easy to have it, because you may lose a lot along the way. But what you get in the end is so much more rewarding and gratifying that its priceless, it has not price on it. So keep your integrity. Keep being true to yourself, keep being real to yourself is the key to success I think.” Ninna V

As one of the fundamental pillars of Portugal’s Techno scene, Ninna V has been smashing decks for over 25 years – playing her own brand of dark and sweaty techno . She held her first residency at the Mercado Bar in 1992, while swiftly assuming several other residencies during the country’s Techno infancy. In the Mid 90’s, she founded one of the Portugal’s first DJ booking agencies aptly named “Beyond the Agency “. She used this to represent herself along with renowned global acts and the country’s best talent, playing alongside some of the industry’s most respected names such as: Dave Clark, A. Paul, Advent, Gayle San, Ricardo Garduno, Marika Rossa, Electrorites, Deh Noiser, Peder, Mas Teeveh, Shin Nishimura, Kevin Yost, Roger Sanchez, David Alvarado, Danny “Buddah” Moralles, Richard Lees Crees, Kid Loco, Victor Simonelli, Benji Candelario, Paco Buggin, Nacho, Victor Flores, Jose Luis Magoya, Mario Roque, Dj Vibe, Carlos Manaça, Petty, Jiggy, Oscar Baía, Luis Leite, Paulo Leite, João Daniel.

Ninna V has produced tunes on a plethora labels including De-Konstruct, Naked Lunch, Hybrid Confusion, We Call It Hard, Elektrax, Eternal Drive, Dystopian Rhythm, and Sub-Division. In May of 2014, her track “Cause” (Sergio Vilas remix) was played out by none other than the Big Boss himself, Carl Cox, live in NYC. Current production plans include countless remix projects, future vinyl releases, and collaborations with other notable artists for 2016 and beyond.

Ninna V’s intricate DJ skills and productions have taken her all over Portugal and the world to locales like: South Africa, Malta, London, NYC, Zurich, and Detroit – where she has played for crowds in the hundreds and thousands.

Please enjoy Holistocrat’s audio interview with Ninna V of Naked Lunch Agency.

Track list behind Queens Plate Audio Interview, Produced and Mixed by Ninna V:

1- Defeated

2- Reminiscence Of Soon

3- Methodic Doubt

4- Dimitri Motofunk & George Liebe – Shadow ( Ninna V remix )

5- Paulo AV – The Results Of Lies ( Ninna V remix )

6 – Realizations 7- Law Of Chaos


Ninna V’s most recent release “Law of Chaos” on the De-Konstrukt imprint. Click here for purchase and have a listen 

Ninna V’s first vinyl only release coming out on Sub Divizion, “Induction LP”. Click here for pre-orders and have a listen