Within the ingenuity of our subconscious oppressed by rationalism and civilization resides the key to open imagination to see and perceive. From Milan, Italy is the emerging Hidden Tapes imprint who’s assemblage is to catalogue material spanning far beyond the notion of esthetic, with a cerebral approach in movement towards surrealism. Born from the desire to advance in an abstract experience of audio affairs by bringing to life perception through the unspoken, comes the first contribution from Dark Division, Optimal Configuration Daily EP”.

Optimal Configuration Daily is like the Charon’s Obol of mortal man and the immortal machine. In illusive questionable existence, to sleep is to fall into death of nothingness. A vulnerable state where masters control algorithms programmed for the beast computer, synchronized across the spun web for configured intelligence in an optimal state.

In this cross carried by the unfamiliar creature, intersection of artificial intelligence oscillates as a pendulum to the sorcerers stone. A double helix hybrid race burned by the branding iron of technology for music as the divine ritual.

OPTIMAL CONFIGURATION DAILY Intense choreography between heartbeat, blood and tissue of mortal man, and circular motion of turbines, carriage, belts and chambers at work in the immortal machine. Slowly drifting into the unconscious world of nothingness the enlightened one finds all that he is in search of, entering the dimension of configuration where endless possibility awaits upon awakening. Pulses increasing as the heart races in confusion to find the human world that once was, now taken by gods of the technological underworld.

COLLAGE VOLTAGE Far drifted into the desolate rough seas of the subconscious, an open body for survival of the fittest. A place where only titans keep heads above vicious waters. Wave forms in full motion peaking at the wake falling to crash in the downward spiral of her undercurrent. For the sea creature there is no road to follow, nor is there a path laid out. Faced with openness of Mother Nature in her furies beset in her circumference. The wickedest of elements whose only way is that by which is laid out by the righteous man.

ANALOG AUTOMATISM Repetitious motion of the mundane forces the question, was it all just a dream? Analog Automatism is the living contronym between freedom of mental slavery built on positive affirmation of mental conception, and the machine at work for capital gain. It’s like regaining consciousness from unconscious travel into confines of a four wall cubicle space. The boxed-in reality created by the capital gain gods.

LACQUER SEQUENCE In this space of white lacquer unemotional and clinical, depth of field lost in eternity. Light workers in a blank canvas of forever we are open to write our book, so we draw out our caricatures in black. Once virgin to tarnish and corruption, now our own personal artists shading between lines our experience in charcoal black; only to wake once again in the eternal room of clinical white lacquer.

Dark Division is the experimental sound project of Alfredo Somma, Fabiano Matrone, and Raffaele Scarpati. Since inception in 2013, the group has taken its shape through a blend of artistic traits in the individual careers as solo artists. Infusing a widely scoped pallet of immersive audio files that usher the listener into a vignette of illusionary installation art, the triad has adapted a system of play tactics blurring boundaries between sonic hallucination and what is surrealism. By unison of both analog machines and software, morphing sound of pristine weightless tones vanishing into prisms of drone and ambient low techno, harmony is created that is unique to the members variance. And after three years of careful crafting, “Optimal Configuration Daily EP” comes to us as the very first release from Dark Division’s own Hidden Tapes catalogue.

Members of Dark Division share the principle to explore unknown, eclectic files through sonic experimentation, devoting time to continuous research for creation and development of new sounds and the avant-garde. As the timeless nature of quality advances as a stand-out feature in the Dark Division aesthetic, the combination of classic art meets new world coagulates to form the sui generis sound.

Release date for Optimal Configuration Daily is June 12, 2017. OCD is available for pre-order here