Paul Stickman in studio, 1994

Toronto’s pioneering incubator Stickman Records is the name to have birthed creative forces of monumental stature, housing linchpin artists from 1992-2003 spanning well beyond the scope of North America. The man behind Toronto’s early house music empire, Paul Stickman, original label boss, co-founder of Stickman Records and Aquarius Recordings. And if producer, DJ, label boss is not enough to jack interest, you can add that he has founded Acme vinyl press alongside Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva to the list.

As a young DJ myself in the mid 90’s I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Stickman record pool. Opening that monthly shipment was like striking deep sea treasure, excited to dig in to see what was there, fresh off the press. The result was some of my preferred house music findings-  P.J. “Happy Days”, Hollis P. Monroe “I’m Lonely”, The People Movers “C Lime Woman”, Paranoid Jack “Herbz The Word” . Then of course there was the collaboration between The Stickmen and Richard Michaels (aka Richie Hawtin) “Feel Free”. Seeing that we are on the old school tip you can add to the mix Josh Wink acid remix of the “Tamburi Project”.

Rich in history, yes. Although what strikes me is not the historical aspect so much as it is Paul Stickman’s ability to adapt and evolve. To be resilient in this industry, and bounce into a new reality comprised of advanced sound, not to mention all the new faces, is not an easy task. Stickman Records closed doors in 2003 after 109 releases on the imprint. Today, Paul begins his crisp resurgence into the global music scene with releases on SCI+TEC, DNH Records, Nervous Records. His most recent, “Sound From The 6ix” on Uner’s Solar Distance imprint.

Enjoy the audio interview as we delve into the past, present and future of Paul Stickman.

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