In a quaint record shop with warm atmospheres of Stanton 500 needles over vinyl, 224 Adelaide St. west in Toronto was the place to find Europe’s finest in subterrane audio frequencies.  On any given day techno and drum & bass  could be heard ripping across speakers in Eastern Bloc Records, and Paul Walker was shop boss who knew this sound best.

Growing up in Manchester, Paul worked in record stores as a buyer in the 80s, and has experienced some of Manchester’s most coveted grounds. In the mid 90s he came to Toronto to play his first ever event in the city. After the Better Days party went off without a hitch, Paul made Toronto his home. He was booked regularly bringing his native sound of european techno to dance floors in warehouses and clubs across the city- and he did exactly the same through his record shop.

There is a humbleness about him that is dangerous for history. When giving credit to Paul for what he truly is responsible for (bringing the sound of European techno music and making it accessible to ears and turntable platters across this city), he will be the first to tell anyone “go on”. The truth is this, there was no other place in the city to find a selection of European techno like Eastern Bloc. And for me there was no better techno DJ than Paul Walker. I have him to thank for the introduction to fine techno in the 90s,  and what became my refined ear for music. It is with a warm heart I bring to you Queen’s Plate 03, the audio interview speaking with Paul Walker, my first inspiration into real techno music.


Catch Paul Walker Saturday May 21, 2016 alongside Dave Angel at Cabal in Toronto