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Few artists having achieved the sort of high level success as Tom Hades, would find themselves tapping back into the zen of their early day inner gear head. Yet for Tom Hades of Rhythm Converted, going back to the roots has been a natural progression.

“I went back to my roots, and actually I was kind of missing this. When I started to do this I only had a hardware studio. There was literally no computer, only sequencing. I was missing out on the organic feel of building a track from scratch in a one take recording, this is the reason why I went back. The last five or six releases was only based on this principal. I hit the record button and recorded multiple tracks at once- drums, synths whatever. Normally when you do stuff like this you end up with a track that is twenty, twenty-five maybe thirty minutes. It’s way too long so I cut it up on the computer. Basically this is how I work now.”  Tom Hades, Rhythm Converted.

All very diverse in style, his sounds range from deep and hypnotic atmospheres to break beat, to the sort of techno indulgence swindled by massive crowds. His latest release “Generation Y” is a three track E.P. on the liking of his very own Rhythm Converted imprint, and speaks to masses in a similar way as all of his other festival and large crowd slayers- demanding respect from all. Whether the listener has twenty-five years with a trained ear for modular equipment or just catching onto what the world of techno is all about, his audio vibrations carry a richness and project passion that could only be Belgium’s gem, Tom Hades.

Please enjoy Holistocrat’s audio interview with Tom Hades of Rhythm Converted 

Track List:

“Silently”, Rhythm Converted

“Aether”, Rhythm Converted

“Descending”, Rhythm Converted

“Dark Sun”, Rhythm Converte

“Generation Y”, Rhythm Converted

“Back In Time”, Rhythm Converted