In this space between chaos and conformity disorderly moments welcome new phases into existence, leading to the awakening of an elevated version of the self. Between highs and lows, Transitions of Life remain; the concept behind Synthek’s first solo full length sound narrative on his Natch Records imprint.

Unfolding across a vexing two-year transformation phase, Synthek’s crossings along rough roads are the tribulations to reveal this intimate personal journey of revelation through emotional downshift, spiritual upheaval and cerebral quandary. In this dominion, Synthek shapes the eleven track escapade along a sophisticated array of synths and warm analog drums, while contrasting the build and decline of atmosphere through deep bass soundscapes.

Pivotal turning points execute the programing of the album’s three part sound design; beginning from darkness and repression, evolving to a more colorful aerial majesty of lucid dream state, morphing into the developed nature of life lessons learned; Transitions of Life making its incarnation into the discovery of the self and re-entry into reality.


In shackles of darkness and repression the journey begins “Breathless”, a lofty broken beat with a dramatic dark tunneling echo of confusion, offset by sharp intricately entwined clips and the ominous sound of claustrophobic state. Intensity is generated across the journey as inhalation and exhalation of the artist’s breath can be heard during peaks of exasperation throughout the album. “Disambiguation” enticing the conscious state into intergalactic travels with dubby parts absorbed in sinful drones and tones analogous to movement between different points in space, and eerie synths submitting into a sort of time travel displacement. Majestically suspended into the lost realm of a lucid dream state, “Path of Syncopation”, a hypnotic rhythm at synchronicity with the primordial soothing nature of broken beat metrics and whispered evils; the first part of the album, a sinister impressionism of dusky shades within.

Working towards an upshift of color and aerial majesty, the second installation ventures into lighter atmospheres. A lucid dream state beginning with “Standing on a Turning Point”, a heliocentric place in pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the higher self. The track’s intense intro clenches the moment with a drawn-out emotional synth and softly layered ethers, inter-woven with warm drums and a cyclonic hovering that seems to come from its core of passion and fire. “Sinusoidal Shift” begins lost in space, zero gravity. Momentum builds through a tsunami of smooth layers and cavernous acid lines rolling in the distance overtop a brooding kick and progressing snares. Incarnation into the breakthrough of self-discovery in pensive nature we place our “Hands in Fait”, a confident and strategically laid out track with rounded rhythm and glitchy shimmering highs, as though looking through a crystalline prism. And just as one may feel that pure vision has fed our comfortable space, “Perturbed Notion” throws the listener into a smoke screen with an unforeseen turn into four-to-the floor territory. Relentless kick and the brewing intensity of peak and trough, with an early 90’s classic rave synth filtered in and out (so not to be over domineering) projecting the sort of unrestricted approach we have come to expect in the art of Synthek.

The sensual climatic rise surrounding the album emanates in “Transitions of Life”- a dive into ecstasy through empathetic soundscapes brought to peaceful listening through silky essence of organic high piano notes, soft pads, and the sexually percussive nature of hang drum, didjeridoo, and enchanting snares. With sweeping disposition, life lessons are forever embedded and the manifestation into a renewed reality forms, “Consciousness and Intent”, an artful piece poised with off-beat time signatures and lashing lows set by the circular motion of plucked, somewhat funk riffs, solidifying the forward place of Synthek’s time and space. Shifting the antic towards its close, an elegant aesthetic with angelic operatic melody brought to life by female vocalist Pareal in “Choice of Words”, a classic play with phasing strings of violin, juxtaposed in perfect harmony towards the modernist feel behind emotional techno that only few of Italy’s born masters have so graciously composed.

Solidifying the soundscape one can only find a “Sense of Being”- Love me or leave me. This is who I am.

Transitions of Life is a 2×12” release made available through Natch Elements, introspective extension to the Natch Records imprint. The album closes with “Sense of Being”, an additional track made available exclusively through digital format purchase. Visual embodiment of the project artfully presented with photographic time capsule by Salar Kheradpejouh of Berlin, Germany with graphic work curated by Jacopo Saveritano, co-founder of Natch Records.

Words by: Tanya Puppi