Through our blood runs truths to wars fought among our ancestors. There is no escape. We are born into this life only to exist within a time space continuum bestowed upon us by fate. We cover our eyes to find shade, a comfortable darkness protecting us from the light of day. What keeps us going? A burning flame ignited by primordial ingrain, that by which cannot be explained only felt. Through this sensation our realities manifest, warrior vs. victim of ancestry. How we perceive, we achieve.

A conceptual journey living the imprint of our ancestors and the battles we face in becoming our highest self through the art of Svart1


Svart1- I         Metaphysical chaos in this monotone dimension. The momentum of our heart beat, the one physical cue reminding us that we are alive; it’s me against the world. Overwhelming is the DNA running through me, I have no control of this. Let mystery and the powers that be take me through this life while I look only at the path ahead.

Svart1- II    After chaos comes the threshold of change, a vibration emanating from all around something that we can’t quite put into words, but feel deeply. An awakening- this is where I come from, but who am I? What have I become? I am still trying to figure this out. It’s me in this world alone with all of the powers I will ever need at my fingertips, I will learn to develop these powers. The same force connecting this universe is what’s inside of me.

Svart1-III     Solitude. I have looked deep into my eyes and my reflection long enough and this is what I see, feel for the first time. Facing my demons and the static inflicted on my life by my own bloodline, they were supposed to protect me. I feel uncomfort, disorientation and confusion – what’s happening to me? Change is morphing my being. Unsure where this will go but it feels too good not to believe. No longer am I chained and shackled by the curse of my ancestors, no longer can they predict who I am. Now I live, now I fly. I am learning to believe in my dreams and the power of the subconscious mind. I think that I might be a travelling through the night.

Svart1-IV    I have fallen for this whimsical beauty of the superconscious. I feel warmth in this dreamstate. What once clouded my head when this journey began, I now understand. I am in control of my own destiny. There is a light at the end of the tunnel attaching me to this overwhelming sense of inner assurance, maybe love yet something much greater than I could have ever imagined. This radiant energy I want to be, I want to be like the light.

Svart1- V    Metaphysical realms, Tree of Life. In this universe exists layers upon layers. Traveling through the emanations each state evaporates and crystalizes, I can feeling the magic. We live in a hologram. A social shift in consciousness has taken over and the human race is experiencing a different set of theological aphorism.   I am a ghost riding in a car made up of blood, meat and bones.

Svart1-VI     Fading out, my heartbeat rhythm slows down to a stand still. The end of this life has arrived. Preparing for renewal I am freed of all earthly bonds. I follow the tunnel of darkness into the light. Flashes of my ancestors; the love, the pain. My state is changing but not without experiencing the repression of every guilty moment of all that I have done- everything which has grown like a cancer on my subconscious- the low vibrations, my inner demons and the beautiful moments. I take my last breath, I am graduating onto the next life with a little push from the other side. The dark angel has blown me my fair-well. Maybe I will get it right next time.

Remixes by: Electric Indigo, Svreca, Dorian Gray